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Embroidery Service - Preloved Jellycats FAQs

We are delighted to offer a service to embroider names on PRELOVED Jellycats Bunnies.  By completing your purchase you have also read these FAQs.
a)  How many letters can I embroider?
Ideally no more than 7 letters.
b)  Will my bunny look like the other bunnies on your website and social media?
The final outcome will depend on the surface of the embroidered area and the combination of letters (or spaces) that makes the name. There might be slight variation due to the bunny being used as opposed to a brand new bunny being embroidered. 
 c) Which ear will be embroidered? 
All names will be embroidered on the left ear unless otherwise stated. Please advise in the notes section when placing your order if you'd rather the name on the right ear.
d) How many days will it take to be made?
We will do our best to embroider on the same day as it arrives to us in the order in which they arrive.  It will then be put on a courier the following day.
e) How do I take care of the Jellycat once it has been embroidered?
As per the care instructions, it is advised to handwash the bunny in cold water.  The fur can be dried with a hair dryer with little or no heat.
f) I own a blossom bunny with the floral fabric.  How will that turn out?
Embroidery on the floral ears of a Blossom Bunny may not have the same effect as on a Bashful Bunny for light colours. We suggest you pick a strong contrasting colour. 
g) What does the back of the ear look like?
Please note that the stitching goes straight through the ear. You will see reverse stitch in on the underside of the ear.
 h)  Can I send in other Jellycat animals?
Unfortunately due to the size of the ears on the other animals, we are not able to embroider on other animals.  Please only send in your bunnies. 


OTHER - important please read
Oti & Marn take no responsibility for your child chewing or pulling the embroidery thread.  Embroidery is designed to last however if your child chews the ears, it may cause the thread to pull apart.  Loose thread may cause choking.
Please note that all personalised products cannot be returned, refunded nor exchanged.