Turnaround Production Time approx. 4 days. FREE SHIPPING over $200

How It Works

We are delighted you are interested in purchasing an item from us!

A bit about the process:

1.  Once you have chosen your product to be personalised, click on the 'Personalise It' button. 

3.  Use the pop up window to input your desirable name (or initials) and the colour of the thread.  The image will personalise your details onto the product.

4.  Dispatch will be within one week.

Please use the personalisation window as a guide only. We make every effort to match the order to the font/shapes displayed.  Refer to actual photos on the website for the font example. 

5.  You may also choose to buy the product without personalisation.  Just click 'add to cart'. 

* All finished products will be displayed on social media (not tagged). Please advise if you wish yours not to be *

6.  All items are dispatched without a packing slip or price

We look forward to working with you to produce your beautiful personalised gift!